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NOW Account



  • This account is good for those who maintain a solid balance in their checking account and also want the ability to earn interest and write an unlimited number of checks per statement cycle. 


  • Minimum balance to open $1500.
  • Available only to individuals, sole proprietors, non-profit organizations, and government entities. 


  • Unlimited transactions without charge
  • Check images with monthly statement
  • Telephone banking available
  • Online banking available
  • Earn interest on your checking account
  • Compounded and paid monthly on your daily balance


  • If the minimum daily balance requirement of $1500 is not maintained, a service charge of $10 will be assessed, and no interest will be paid for that cycle.

The above account description is intended for marketing purposes only and not designed as a substitute for full disclosure as defined by the Truth in Savings Act. If you are interested in obtaining full disclosures of any account described above, please contact a Citizens National Bank Customer Service Representative.


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